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There are so many different types of cakes sponge, Buttercake, mudcake and more that it is easier to put the cakes into 2 categories,
Light Cakes – these are usually used for slab cakes or top tiers.
Dense Cakes – these are used for tiered cakes like wedding cakes etc. but can be a single cake or slab as well for any occasion.
(Some Flavours are not available in patty cakes or small cake designs)
If you have a flavour you would like please feel free to ask as we may be able to cater to the request.

Light Cakes Dense Cakes
Vanilla Sponge Traditional Fruit Cake
Chocolate Sponge Dark Chocolate Mudcake
Marble Sponge White Chocolate Mudcake
Vanilla Raspberry Swirl Cake Vanilla Chocolate Marble Mudcake
Orange & Poppy Seed Cake Vanilla Raspberry Swirl Mudcake
Honey Cake Caramel Mudcake
Coffee Cake Coffee Mudcake
Lemon Cake Carrot Cake

Allergen Information:

Unfortunately due to sharing a family bakery we are unable to cater for Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free or Nut Free, the chance of cross contamination is just too high to risk the health of our client.